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Nothing makes a road trip exploring a new region even easier than pre-planned itineraries created by locals themselves.

We don’t want you to miss any of the hidden treasures, so we have compiled a few really handy resources to help you on your way around the beautiful North. Northland road trips have never been easier.

Check out a few road journey ideas by Northland’s Tourism Agency, Northland Inc. Pick any adventure to suit your taste and time schedule. Download the PDF of each journey or visit Northland Inc’s website for more travel tips.

  1. All About Islands
  2. Ancient Kauri Trail
  3. Into the Wide Blue Yonder
  4. Te Ara Coast to Coast
  5. The Secret Coast Route
  6. Where Giants Gather

All About Islands

This Northland Journey celebrates the world-famous Bay of Islands (Ipipiri).

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Ancient Kauri Trail

The seafaring history of Northland’s West Coast tells the stories of more than 150 ships, tossed from the unforgiving Tasman Sea and wrecked against the dunes and sandbars.

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Intro the Wide Blue Yonder

Start at Hikurangi and wind away from the rural township towards an expanse of turquoise waters, or leave from Whangarei, passing by picturesque orchards,

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Te Ara Coast to Coast

Te Ara, the pathway, from the Pacific Ocean to the Tasman Sea has arguably seen more early human history recorded than any other journey in the land.

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The Secret Coast Route

Can you keep a secret? Follow these seemingly forgotten roads as they wind through Northland’s coastal landscapes.

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Where Giants Gather

The peak of Mt Parihaka offers panoramic views of Whangarei, Northland’s largest city.

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Unsure on drive times?

Download this map of Northland and start planning your road trip!