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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your office and afterhours hours?


Our office is open 8:30am–5pm on Monday – Friday. Anytime outside of these hours are considered ‘after-hours’.


Our after-hours times are: 5pm-8pm Monday – Friday, 9am Saturday – 8pm Sunday. During these hours an on-call staff member will be monitoring our phones and urgent emails. We ask for any general booking enquires to wait until office hours.

If you need to collect or drop off your vehicle during these after-hours times, there is an after-hours fee of $30.

We like to keep our collection & drop off time between 9am & 10am during the weekends.


What is the booking process?

For a speedier booking process please book online – this way you can enter all of your details in one place making pick up easier and more streamline.

If you have a few questions or a tricky requirements please send us an email with your details.

You will be sent a confirmation email of your car and booking details.

You will need to make payment prior to, or on pick up.

How do I make changes to my booking?

Changes are made by emailing us info@northlandrentals.co.nz

If you are already travelling and want to add extra time onto your current booking, send us an email and we can let you know if the vehicle is available for you to extend your hire.

what is considered a "one day" hire?

One days booking is a 24-hour period from the time of pick up to the time of drop off.

example: 9am to 9am the following day.

What drivers license do you accept?

For New Zealand residents and for overseas travelers we require a FULL license and prefer if our drivers are over 25 for vans and over 21 for other cars.

We need the details of each driver’s license and we need to view the license before you can take the car.


Is there a bond?

Yes, we do a pre-authorisation on your credit or debit card on collection of your vehicle. This includes the full car hire amount plus $250 for cars or $300 for vans and SUVs.

The pre-authorisation confirms to us that you have the funds available in your account to pay for  the full excess amount in case of an accident.

The amount is held until the vehicle is returned and checked in by our team and funds will be released back into your account within 2-7 days, depending on your bank provider.

How can I pay?

Payment is made upon pickup by either credit card, EFTPOS or cash. Talk to us about charging your booking to a company account if you require an invoice.

We require a valid credit card to be held on file to confirm the booking. This is to cover any insurance costs, toll road charges or infringement fines obtained during your hire. If you cannot produce a credit card, we will require a $250 bond.

Do you charge extra for credit card payments?

There is no additional charge to pay by Visa or Mastercard.

Insurances & Breakdowns

How does insurance work?

If the car you are hiring is damaged while you are hiring it, you will be responsible. This includes tyre punctures and windscreen chips/cracks.

We encourage our hirers to take out Collison Waiver Damage cover through us at the time of booking. The cost of this is $20 per day for a car and $40 for vans

Alternatively, you can hire with no CWD cover and be liable for the first $3000 of repairs if something was to happen. If you choose to take out no insurance cover with us, we strongly recommend having your own private insurance.

The terms of insurance cover are outlined in the hire agreement which you will sign at the time of pick up.

What happens if the car breaks down or I have an accident?

If something unforeseen causes your hire car to mechanically break down, please give us a call asap and we will arrange help where we will either fix what is wrong or swap you into a new vehicle.

Please note that if the battery goes flat in your hire car due to doors or lights being left on, this is your responsibility to resolve.

If you damage the vehicle in any way (minor or major) you MUST contact us within 24hours to report the damage.

Any accident must be reported within 24hours and accompanied by a police report.

If damages or accidents are not reported within 24hours, any insurance you have taken out with us may be void. The terms of the insurance cover are outlined in the hire agreement you will sign at the time of pick up.

Where can or can’t I travel in the vehicle?

All our vehicles, except for our specific Beach 4x4s are for road use only. For insurance purposes, the exclusions are:

  • Coast Rd to Russell (Northland);
  • Ball Hut (Mt Cook);
  • Skippers (Queenstown);
  • Lake Waikaremoana Rd SH 38 (Cen. NI);

We have specialist vehicles for hire which can be driven on the sand up 90 Mile Beach on strict accordance with high/low tides – we will tell you these times at the time of pick up.

Afterhours Pick Ups & Drop Offs

How do I pick up or drop off my vehicle after-hours and does this cost?

This can certainly be done!

Our after-hours times are: 5pm-8pm Monday – Friday, 9am Saturday – 8pm Sunday. During these hours an on-call staff member will be monitoring our phones and urgent emails.

If you need to collect or drop off your vehicle during these after-hours times, there is an after-hours fee of $30.

Please note that in Kaitaia on the weekends, we try and keep collections & drop offs between the hours of 9am & 10am.

One Way Bookings

Can I book a one way vehicle and what does that cost?

YES! We sure do.


Kaitaia or Kaitaia Airport <--> Kerikeri Airport = $90

Kaitaia or Kaitaia Airport <--> Whangarei Airport = $120

Kerikeri Airport <--> Whangarei Airport = $120

Kaitaia or Kaitaia Airport /Kerikeri Airport/ Whangarei Airport <--> Auckland Airport = $265 (includes toll road)

Airport Pick Ups & Drop Offs

Where do I find or leave the car at an airport?

For airport pick-ups, our staff will be at the airport at the scheduled time. Please note our staff are not at the airport sites unless there is a booking made.


Our staff member will greet you at the rental car desk at the rear of the terminal next to the doors and your car will be right outside.

When you return, hand the keys to the airport staff when you check in.


Our rentals cars are parked in the designated rental car carpark and we have a small desk located inside the special rental car office outside of the main terminal in the carpark. If you are flying into the airport, walk out of the terminal, turn left and follow the footpath to the office. If you are driving in, you will see the rental car office to the right.

When you are returning your car, please park it in the Northland Rentals carparks where you collected the car from and place the keys in the black drop box on the wall, next to the terminal doors as you walk in.


Our rentals are parked in our designated rental carparks down DAKOTA Lane. If you walk out of the terminal, head right, you’ll see the rental carpark and Dakota Lane. If you are flying in, our staff member will usually try to meet you inside with your name on a sign.

When you return your car, the key drop box is located through the terminal doors, to the left on a wall opposite the Air NZ check-in desks.


We work with a third party company in Auckland called Platinum Parking who service our Auckland and Auckland Airport bookings.

They are located at 57 Pavillion Drive, Mangere and their number is 0508 PARKING ***Please make contact platinum parking no less then an hour before your arrival to ensure a streamline transition & vehicle hand over.

Pickups – Auckland International Airport 

When you get through customs, you will call Platinum Parking who will be on standby with your car and will pull up to the pickup area where you will be able to locate them easily. The driver will collect you and head back to their office down the road where you can sign the paperwork and be on your way.

Pickups – Auckland Domestic Airport 

Platinum Parking will know your flight number and landing time and be on standby for when you land. They are a quick 5 min drive away from the pickup area so when you land, give them a call and they’ll meet you outside with your car. The driver will collect you and head back to their office down the road where you can sign the paperwork and be on your way.

Drop-offs – Auckland Domestic and International Airports 

Avoid time delays and shuttles! You will drop your rental car off to Platinum Parking who are located a quick 5 min drive from the Airport.  A Platinum Parking driver will then drive you in your rental car to the airport, drop you off then take the car back to their yard. When you book, you will be asked what time you need to be at the airport for your check-in and we will arrange the driver to be available at that time. It is a pretty simple process and works really well.

Is there an extra fee for airport pickups and drop offs?

There is a small fee if you would like to collect or drop off a car at an airport – this will cover the airports parking charges and cover us getting it back to the depot.

Other Fees

Who pays for the fuel?

The hirer of the vehicle – as you will have a full tank of gas upon pick up so we ask that you bring it back full.

I f the vehicle is bought back with low or no fuel we will charge you the amount of fuel + a $25 fuel up fee.

Do you offer unlimited KMs?

YES! Except for our furniture truck where we charge 0.10cents per kilometer.

I want to travel through Auckland, what about the toll road charges?

If you plan on travelling through Auckland, let us know because we can easily prepay your toll road costs.

What are the cancellation fees?

Any booking cancelled or amended 24 hours or more before an arranged pick up time will incur no penalty.

Any booking cancelled or amended within 24 hours or less of pick up will incur a 50% charge of total hire cost, to a maximum amount of $200NZD including G.S.T or whichever is the lesser amount.

Can I take my furry pets with me in a rental car?

Regardless of how cute and fluffy they are, no pets are allowed in rental vehicles.

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