4×4 Rental

90 Mile Beach 4×4 Rental vehicles available year round. Travel to Ahipara, Cape Reinga and beyond from Kaitaia, Northland, New Zealand.

Drive to Cape Reinga and travel down 90 Mile Beach yourself in a 4 wheel drive vehicle and have a real New Zealand adventure. Pick tuatuas (shellfish) in the sand, see Te Rerenga Wairua, or Cape Reinga where Maori spirits leave this world and the very top of NZ, and toboggan down the sandhills at Te Paki.

Instruction will be given on driving on the beach.

You can also hire the off road vehicles for a longer period. Your 4×4 rental vehicle is only permitted on 90 Mile Beach, no other beaches.

Accommodation + 4×4 + Rental Car

Adventure Package
5 nights accommodation, 2 days 4×4 rental,
3 days car rental.

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